Hector Travieso

Héctor Travieso is an actor, comedian, and television host from Cuba. Travieso immigrated to Puerto Rico and has an extensive career in telenovelas. He currently hosts SuperXclusivo and serves as sidekick to the show's protagonist and puppet, La Comay.

Actor (6 titles)

2000 Under Suspicion
1999 Complot (TV movie)
1998 Undercurrent
1994 Guadalupe (TV series)
1978 Cristina Bazán (TV series)
???? Cafri-Zombies  

La Comay in Superxclusivo. Puerto Rico.
According to Travieso, a misunderstanding on Tuesday with network president Joe Ramos was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and Travieso decided to quit the show. He acknowledged that it was a stressful situation, but he also said that “I have principles, dignity.” That is when Travieso said that he told Ramos that he was leaving WAPA.